Mary Geddardyu Yarns up to Napranum

National radio star Mary Geddardyu, also known as Mary G, had her first videoconference with the Napranum Cape York Digital Network centre last week from Broome in Western Australia.

“We had a good old yarn with Mary G”, said Lency Adidi, Napranum cydn Centre Coordinator. “She’s full of funny stories so we were all having a good laugh. She spoke to the kids too, but they’re a bit shy”.

Mary G’s radio show is broadcast on the National Indigenous Radio Service. She has also had a series on SBS television. It has received many awards and is recognised as being both entertaining and informative.

“Mary’s really popular over here,” said Ms Adidi. “Every Wednesday night people will make sure they’re near the radio so they can listen to Mary. I think it’s the same for indigenous people all over Australia. We’re hoping she’ll come and visit us in Cape York soon.”

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