Mapoon Aboriginal Council

CYDN are the only solution available that comes close to meeting the IT needs of the Council at a competitive price. Their use of cutting edge technology including wireless connections has provided all the various departments within Council access to its Corporate Systems. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in information sharing within the Council and communications with Government agencies, Suppliers and other partner organisations.

The implementation of the CYDN services has greatly improved the Council’s Corporate Systems including access to email, internet, Finance Systems, Human Resources, web-authoring and common files. The Council was developing its own webpage via a NTN funded Training project which was further enhanced by partnering with CYDN to gain faster and more reliable access.

CYDN now provides the Council with customer focused IT support remotely using the benefits of a digital network. We pay them to fix the problems via the information superhighway which is usually as quick as their competitors booking their airfares. I would recommend that any business-minded organisation that operates in the Cape talk to them about the solution they can offer. It just makes sense, afterall they are the Cape York Digital Network.

February 2004
Jason Pfingst
Mapoon Aboriginal Council

Umagico Aboriginal Council

CYDN has enabled Umagico Aboriginal Council to move into the 21st century using the Cape York Digital Network. Before CYDN our Council struggled the communication highway with numerous low speed dial up connections that continually dropped out.

Since connecting our Office Network to CYDN in August, 2003 Council has successfully implemented Domain Named Council wide Emails, connected 3 external buildings using WAN technology, increased internet access and an External Office in Cairns with a faster and more reliable internet service. All council buildings are now connected to Council’s Network, enabling access to our Server where all applications, data and accounting programs are stored, improving and enhancing Council’s communication and productivity. This has helped improve Council’s financial accountability being able to utilise more facilities on our accounting system.

CYDN is easier to manager than the numerous number of dial up accounts Council had in the past and has become more cost effective. CYDN’s customer focused support is also of great value where IT problems are rectified quicker and cheaper than what was available in the past. Council no longer has to worry about virus or firewall protection as this is all taken care of by CYDN.

Since joining with the CYDN, Council hasn’t looked back and I would encourage all organizsations located in the Cape to discuss their IT needs with CYDN and benefit in the rewards seen at Umagico

26 February, 2004
Charles Woosup
Umagico Aboriginal Council

Coen Regional Aboriginal Corporation

CYDN has improved Coen Regional Aboriginal Corporations performance by providing IT services that has improved the communications within the Corporation and from the Corporation to external parties. The use of CYDN internet and email services has created a hassle free and reliable service. Corporations and Councils have numerous demands placed on their resources, outsourcing the supply and management of IT solutions can ease the burden for Corporations and Councils.

The implementation of the CYDN services has greatly improved the Corporations Corporate Systems including access to email, internet, finance systems, human resources and common files. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in information sharing within the Corporation and communications with Government agencies, Suppliers and other partner organisations.

I do not give out testimonials or references lightly, people and organisations in remote areas would understand this.

I would strongly recommend any business or organisation to utilise the services of CYDN.

December 2004
T.A.Phillips. LGMA. AIPMM.
Chief Executive Officer
Coen Regional Aboriginal Corporation

Ph. (07) 4060 1192
Fx. (07) 4060 1179
Mob. 0428 601 192

Cape York Institute

Cape York Institute has had a Service Level Agreement with CYDN since Dec 2005
for the provision of network services (internet and emails including MS Exchange) and
desktop support (setting up notebooks, tracking and clearing faults, supporting users).

Cape York Institute has found CYDN’s service and support very good, and recommend
CYDN to any enterprise in the region looking for reliable IT network services and support.

28 March, 2007
Alan Tudge
Deputy Director
Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership

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