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To provide managed information and communication technology services to communities and commercial users in the Cape York region and to support the economic, social and employment development of the Cape York region, its people and the environment.

Technical Expertise

When seeking a technology partner to support your organisation’s computers, server(s) and communications equipment, it is important that the IT service provider has staff with the prerequisite skills and experience across a broad spectrum of technologies.

The CYDN technical team has a broad mix of qualifications and experience to service a wide variety of technologies. This technical expertise is available to ensure your organisation receives the very best in IT support.

CYDN is now offering its financial software Electronic Procurement (EP) as a free DEMO. Use the “Contact US” tab/page to contact cydn for more details 


CYDN started with the goal to provide services into remote areas, CYDN had to develop robust and unique systems to meet clients’ needs. After 11 years of operations, CYDN continues to provides services specifically for remote Far North Queensland but we have expanded our services and operations to include regional and metropolitan people, clients and areas.

Key Success Factors

Five Key Success Factors are used to measure the effectiveness of CYDN’s corporate direction.

* The marketing of competitive information and communication technology services to corporate goals.
* A quality technology and communications service provider.
* Employer of choice for Far North Queensland people.
* Recognised as a valuable community asset.
* Development catalyst role for the Cape York region.

Choosing a technology partner?

Information technology is a vital part of an organisation’s operations so choosing the IT service provider for your organisation can be daunting task. Do they have the experience to meet your requirements? What do their clients say about their performance? When you choose technical support from CYDN you can be sure of the highest standards in professionalism and that our technicians strive to meet service stadards 100% of the time.

Read what our customers say about CYDN service levels.

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