Clean It for Cape York

Concerns regarding access to undesirable internet content are being addressed by the Cape York Digital Network.

“With the establishment of our 14 cydn information communications technology (ICT) centers throughout the cape, we’ve seen a big increase in the number of local people using the internet,” said Sue Connolly, Community Manager with cydn. “A lot of them are kids, so we want to make sure that they are not accidentally stumbling into the sometimes darker side of the worldwide web”.

CYDN has implemented a network topography that allows cydn to block websites that fall into the categories of drugs (except prescription medication), adult material, gambling, weapons, racism and hate, militancy and extremist, illegal, tasteless, and violent. Protection software is updated constantly to ensure new web sites are filtered.

“Our elders can see the benefits of the information you get from the internet, but they are also very aware that it is being used to access things like pornography, and this is a big worry”, says Ms. Connolly. “It’s very important that we are able to reassure them that they won’t be seeing those sites if they’re on the cydn network”.

The filtering of content has also been an important feature for the growing number of Cape York councils who are connecting to cydn.

“Council offices in the Cape have several computers, but usually only one will have dial-up access to the internet?E says cydn’s Community Manager. “The CEOs have expressed concern that if they gave everyone access it would bring a lot of unwanted material into the community, and reduce productivity. Monitoring of usage, assistance to people and proper filtering of content ensure that this won’t happen via our network”.

For more information visit www.cydn.com.au

Sue Connolly: Community Manager,
Cape York Digital Network: 0427 755 738


CYDN is a project under Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation funded by the Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts through the Networking the Nation fund. It is part of the Outback Digital Network, a federation of indigenous communications organisations. www.odn.net.au

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