Email Services

CYDN offers customers a fast and reliable email service at each of its centres located throughout Cape York. Customers use MS Outlook to access email accounts through any CYDN computer or if accessing an email account through another ISP web mail is available. Other Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also provided on the CYDN centre computers.

Each standard email address is created with the naming format, Corporate customers have the option of nominating a specific domain name address.

CYDN centres are data networked via managed digital links to Cairns and connected to the Internet through broadband links. These high speed lines provide customers with a quality email service throughout Cape York and globally.

CYDN maintains the quality of its email service and computer facilities, by employing local staff at each centre and operating a Help Desk facility in Cairns. The technicians monitor the network’s performance and can remotely access computers to diagnose faults.

A centre co-ordinator is available to assist in the use of the computers and may assist customers with applications

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